Title Boundary Re-establishment

Where you wish to confirm the definition & position of your Title boundaries, a Title Boundary Re-establishment Survey is required. A.M.S. Pty Ltd will search for a copy of your Certificate of Title & the Plan of Subdivision which shows the diagram of the parcel. We will search all relevant historical surveys in the general area of the site, to investigate where the original Licensed Land Surveyor marked the site boundaries. We will provide you with a Plan of Survey showing Title Boundaries, fencing & buildings on or near to the boundaries, Title dimensions & easements. The relationship between fencing & boundaries will be shown & boundaries marked or referenced.

It is important that a Title Re-establishment Survey is performed, to establish if there are any concerns relating to fencing & rights of occupation. Your builder will use the marks placed to position the proposed buildings. Your Building Surveyor will often require a Plan of Re-establishment Survey before approving your development.