Subdivision of Land & Subdivision of Units and Apartments

We can guide you through the Town Planning & Subdivision process for your next development. Whether you intend to apply for a Development Permit or if you want us to subdivide your land from scratch, WE CAN HELP YOU! Both processes start with a plan showing the existing conditions & neighbourhood character of the general area around the site. We can prepare a comprehensive Neighbourhood Description Plan, or a Site Analysis Plan which surveys the site & locates points of interest within 9m of the site boundaries. The plan can accompany our own Clause 56 Report, for an application to subdivide land or go to your Architect/Building Designer to be the basis of their design. A.M.S. Pty Ltd will prepare your Subdivision Permit Application, which can generally be lodged on SPEAR, and thus be distributed to Council & the Servicing Authorities for appraisal.

All along the way, our staff will be there to help you!

The Subdivision application will include a Title Re-establishment Survey, which will be required by your Building Surveyor, as well as accompanying the documents which we will release to your Legal Lodging Party & to Land Registry. Our Plan of Subdivision will become the diagram which will be read in conjuction with the new Certificates of Title released at the end of the process. It is then that the property settlements can be concluded.